qOrganizer 3.1.5

A complete organizer for your student life


  • Geared toward students
  • Useful pack of tools in just one app
  • Supports FTP synchronization
  • Save your data to an SQL database


  • Notepad is too basic
  • Calendar doesn't highlight important dates

Very good

qOrganizer is a free manager for all your personal information.

Good organization is one of the keys to success in your student life, be it at high school, college or graduate school. This is why qOrganizer can be really useful for you.

qOrganizer is one of many personal information managers in the software world today that features all the tools you need to organize your work. Some of these features have been specially developed for students.

Users can enter their class schedules, jot down assignments or track their grades, to name just a few of qOrganizer's uses. Its simple interface makes aOrganizer easy to use, although some users might miss having some more options for formatting in the note editor.

Also, qOrganizer's calendar tool didn't highlight days with assigned tasks in any way, something that would make tasks easier to track. On the upside, it does support FTP synchronizing and can save your data to an SQL database, which some users will undoubtedly appreciate.

qOrganizer is a simple but useful tool that'll help students and business professionals keep their lives organized.

qOrganizer is a general organizer that includes a calendar with schedule, reminders, journal/notes for every day, to-do list and other tools.

Anyone can use it but it's especially convenient for students, as it provides features such as a timetable for your classes and a booklet for marks and absences.



qOrganizer 3.1.5

User reviews about qOrganizer

  • by Anonymous

    good calendar.
    good basic calendar but with a couple tweaks it could be a great calendar (for what I would like ...   More